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Viking Walk

Follow in the footsteps of Casper Clemmensen and learn more about Aarhus' viking history.

1.1 km

30 min

Hack Kampmanns Plads 4c


Viking Walk cover image.Viking Walk cover image.

What is this tour about?

Aarhus is both a beatiful and pulsating city. It is known for its smiling people and innovative designs. However, it also known for its old and bloody history.

The city's streets, walls and creeks all whisper of the incredible events that took place in the middle of Jutland's largest city. On this tour you will hear about great viking kings' fights that took place right here in Aarhus.

The story is told by historian Casper Clemmensen who will tell you the tales of old. On the five stops on the tour he will tell you exactly what happened where you are standing right now. The tour is narrated in Danish with English subtitles.

This is created by a StoryHunt Partner.

Image from the tour.Image from the tour.

How does it work?

The StoryHunt app uses your location to guide you between stories.

The tour starts at Hack Kampmanns Plads 4c and follows a predefined route between 5 stories.

When you are close to a story you can unlock it to reveal its content.

Hands holding a phone - the screen showing the StoryHunt map with routes and stories.Hands holding a phone - the screen showing the StoryHunt map with routes and stories.

Sneak peek

See the video of the first stop on the tour below.

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Where does the tour start?

The tour starts at Hack Kampmanns Plads 4c. From there it follows 5 stories.

How long is the tour?

The tour is 1.1 km long and typically takes 30 min to complete.

Is the tour free?

Yes, the tour is 100% free and can be experienced through the StoryHunt app.

How many times can I take the tour?

Unlimited. You can take it as many times as you want.

Can I bring friends on the tour?

Yes. When you bring friends you can make a group to synchronize the experience.

When can I take the tour?

Whenever. You can take the tour anytime you want to once you have purchased access.