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Vikings of Copenhagen

A true viking tale in Copenhagen about one of the most notorious conquerors of all; Svend Forkbeard.

2.5 km

1 hr

Kongens Nytorv 21e

99 DKK

Vikings of Copenhagen cover image.Vikings of Copenhagen cover image.

What is this tour about?

On this guided audio tour you will walk through the streets of Copenhagen and learn about a people known for their brutality, their desire to conquer new territories and their naval skills; the mighty vikings that used to rule the Northern lands and the seas of the world.

On your tour, you will meet one viking king who set out to conquer the Northern part of the world; Svend, the most fortunate of Kings. Svend expanded the viking empire that ended up spanning the entire Scandinavia as well as parts of Great Britain. He became a feared warrior across the seas.

Svend’s triumph was grand but it let him down a prideful path…

This is a StoryHunt Original Production.

Image from the tour.Image from the tour.

How does it work?

The StoryHunt app uses your location to guide you between stories.

The tour starts at Kongens Nytorv 21e and follows a predefined route between 9 stories.

When you are close to a story you can unlock it to reveal its content.

This is an audio tour so bring your headphones.

This tour contains a quiz – test your knowledge and compete with your friends along the way!

Image from the tour.Image from the tour.

Sneak Peek

Below you can hear a couple of snippets from the tour narrated by local historian, Pil, who will be your guide through Copenhagen.

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Svend Forkbeard

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Where does the tour start?

The tour starts at Kongens Nytorv 21e. From there it follows 9 stories and ends at Ny Vestergade 13.

How long is the tour?

The tour is 2.5 km long and typically takes 1 hr to complete.

Can I give the tour as a gift?

Yes. Once you have purchased the tour you will receive an email that you can gift to anyone you like.

How many times can I take the tour?

Unlimited. You can take the tour as many times as you like once you have purchased access.

Can I bring friends on the tour?

Yes. When you bring friends you can make a group to synchronize the experience and compete in quizzes.

When can I take the tour?

Whenever. You can take the tour anytime you want to.